Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What is the truth about the secret base that was known as Area 51...

What is the truth about the secret base that was known as Area 51? Was there or is there still a secret aircraft project known as the "Aurora"? Why was the secret "SR17 Blackbird" project closed down? What caused all the sonic booms in the vicinity of the Area 51 base". What is the truth concerning UFO's in that part of the country? Where they just a cover story for the development of American super aircraft? Was the base used for examining and refurbishing UFO- type aircraft? Why was it later shut down and transfered to another part of the United States? Why did authorities, including the military, deny the existence of the base despite the public being able to actually see it?

That super-secret Air Force base Area 51 near Groom Lake, Nevada -- purported site of everything from captured aliens to the highest of high-tech aircraft -- was exempted by President Bush from environmental laws that would disclose classified information regarding base operations.

President Bush's decision about Groom Lake was made last September and published December 24 in the Federal Register.

Groom Lake has been the target of litigation brought about by former workers at the base. That legal action focused on health effects resulting in the handling and disposal of hazardous wastes at the secret locale.

Bush judged that "it is in the paramount interest of the United States" to prevent disclosure of information about Groom Lake.

The Presidential decision exempts the Air Force activity at Groom Lake, Nevada, "from any Federal, State, interstate or local provision respecting control and abatement of solid waste or hazardous waste disposal that would require the disclosure of classified information concerning the operating location to any unauthorized person."
The exemption shall be effective for a full one-year statutory period.

Where is the new base located now? You know the base that never existed? A lot of questions needing answers.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What do you think of those despicable Islamic honour killings...

What do you think of those despicable Islamic honour killings?

Jordanian officials stated a man beat his 19 year old daughter to death with his son's help, because she wore makeup outside the house and spoke to a strange man.

The father took his daughter to hospital and admitted his guilt - saying he had to cleanse the family honour. What honour would that excuse for a family have?

The more I read about such things concerning Islamics, the more I want to vomit!

Some would excuse Islam from these animal acts, saying it was just part of the local culture, the way North Africans treat their women and female relatives - but do you ever read about criticism of such acts by Islamic leaders? No way, Jose!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strawbzilla or strawberry field forever...

Strawbzilla she said; or strawberry fields for ever...

A Japanese farmer has reportedly bred strawberries with a price tag of up to 50,000 Yen ($1067 each), the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reported recently.

The strawberries measure about 8.5 cm in length and weigh more than 80 grams each. The standard strawberry weighs 28 grams.

The 'super strawberry' farmer, Mikito Okuda, 55 yrs, has been growing the fruit for the last 31 years.

PS. Do you eat them or frame them?

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Monday, March 9, 2009

MY 50th birthday idea - what will I do this year...

Huttriver fiction:

"My 50th birthday idea - what will I do this year?"

My family reminded me that I will be 50 years old next week. Not forty, but fifty! We want you to have a birthday treat; you decide and we will pay for it they said.

I agreed, but I didn't have a clue. Not a clue. Not one iota of a clue. I was totally clueless ! What on earth could I do to do something completely different? Dinner. Movies. A trip out of town. The theatre. A night at home with some DVD's? NO! No! What then? Come on you silly old bugger( I'm nearly fifty, is that getting old?) think now!

Bowling. Darts at the Pub. Down the club. A barbeque.Something I've never done? Oh come on. Think now! I saw a tourist magazine on the coffee table in the lounge. It was open but I couldn't quite make out what was in the picture - a man of about fifty appeared to be getting strapped up for some reason. What on earth was it? No way, no way. Not a bloody bungey jump! I tried that a few years ago and it nearly terrified me getting all strapped up to...jump into space. Mind you, it was an exhilerating flying through the air at a thousand miles an hour...well not quite that fast though.I came to a sudden halt just when I thought I was going to fall into the river and drown.

Now there has to be something that is really me. But just what could I do... come on now...think! I looked at the newspaper on my coffee table and saw an article and photos of icebergs floating off the coast of New Zealand." The first time this phenomenon has occurred for seventy five years. Come down to the South Island and take a helicopter ride to the icebergs - get out and walk on ancient ice that has been around for tens of thousands of years." All this was written in the newspaper, and I think I know where I'm going on my 50th Birthday! I'm off to the icebergs in New Zealand. I'm going to take a stroll on ancient ice. I'll take a flask of whiskey and have Scotch on the Rocks, away down under in New Zealand!