Monday, July 30, 2012

Order your illegal weapons online...

Inside the secret online marketplace for illegal weapons...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glasses provide a live language translation...

Talking through your glasses...
Here’s the scene: you’re traveling, and you walk into a little restaurant and the menu is entirely in a language you don’t understand, without pictures. You’ve got a couple of choices. You can leave, and try to find a place with English translations. You can try to hack your way through a conversation with the waiter, who also doesn’t speak your language. Or, you can point randomly at the menu and live with the consequences.
Well, in the future there will be another, better, answer. Live, realtime translation built into your glasses. Enter: Project Glass. British hacker and DIYer Will Powell has built a pair of glasses that can (albeit roughly) project a translation of your conversation onto your glasses. Here’s what it looks like:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Banjo the prehistoric super-killer unearthed in Victoria, Australia...

Introducing 'Banjo' from prehistoric Australia - (no relation to Banjo Patterson) -Australovenator wintonensis is his official title. Scientists have discovered a frightening weapon used by one of Australia's deadliest prehistoric predators to attack its prey...
A bizarre bony-toothed, giant bird fossil, with a 5m wingspan, has been discovered in Victoria.
The 5-million-year-old giant bony-toothed bird Pelagornis. (Credit: Museum Victoria / Peter Trusler)
BIZARRE GIANT BONY-TOOTHED birds once soared over Australia, palaeontologists have discovered.
The Pelagornis, with a wingspan of 5m, was the largest flying animal to exist on Earth after the extinction of pterosaurs 65 million years ago.
Dated to five million years old, the fossil leg bone discovered in Beaumaris Bay in Melbourne, Victoria, by palaeontologist Erich Fitzgerald from Museum Victoria, gives new insight into the evolution of seabirds in Australia.
"Pelagornis is just one of Victoria's long-lost marine megafauna, which included bus-sized sharks, giant penguins, killer sperm whales and dugongs. Life was larger back then," said Erich in a statement.
Bony-toothed birds
Pelagornis is part of the Pelagornithidae family, a group of ancient birds which sport a tooth-like projection on their beaks. "Bony-toothed birds are enigmatic extinct seabirds with a long history spanning over 50 million years," Erich said. "They were previously known from all continents except Australia...We knew next to nothing about the evolution of seabirds in Australia [and] this finding shows us that there has been a significant change in seabird diversity between five million years ago and now."

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is this aircraft?

Would probably leave this one for dead?

Just what is this aircraft? UFO, top secret, earth derived aircraft?

Phil Heatley the NZ State slum landlord?




Remember Phil Heatley, Opposition spokesperson for housing circa 2008? Remember the self-proclaimed campaigner against Housing New Zealand housing that was not up to standard? Remember the promises he made at that time? Remember his 'outrage' and his 'indignation'?
"Mr Heatley was full of sound and fury back then," says Labour's Housing spokesperson Annette King.
"But the truth's out - his bluster meant nothing, because this is the man who is responsible for drastic cuts to Housing New Zealand's maintenance budget.
"He is the slum landlord.
"If the Minister wants to see an example of his lack of action, I invite him to accompany me to 139 Greys Ave, Auckland Central, which houses an 87-flat HNZ complex.
"I visited it with my colleague Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday. It is an example of the most appalling neglect, not helped by the removal of a housing manager who had an office in the complex- until Housing New Zealand moved to the 'Faster. Fairer. Smarter' phone line service", said Annette King.
"Mr Heatley's policy of neglect has led to uncollected stinking, rotting rubbish, tenants afraid to go out of their flats because of vagrants (who sleep and urinate in stairwells and graffiti walls), dangerous flooring and filthy public areas.
"It is more than five years since the outside was cleaned. Over a 100 tenants share three washing machines, contained in a communal laundry where dangerous wiring is exposed and where their clothes lines are situated.
"The 0800 phone line is so inefficient that a caller, who rang after finding blood splattered around a lift, was told - when he finally got through - that it could be 10 working days before it was cleaned up.
"Good luck to the advocate or tenant who gets through to Mr Heatley. He has refused to meet people in Auckland saying they must come to Wellington. This despite the fact he flies courtesy of the taxpayer while housing advocates have to hold sausage sizzles to raise money for their fares," said Annette King.