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The Prophesised End-Time Revealed...

A book review...
2008 - God's Final Witness
The year 2008 marked the last of God’s warnings to mankind and the beginning in a countdown of the final three and one-half years of man’s self-rule that will end by May 27, 2012.

On December 14, 2008, the First Trumpet of the Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelation sounded, which announced the beginning collapse of the economy of the United States and great destruction that will follow. The next three trumpets will result in the total collapse of the United States, and once the Fifth Trumpet sounds the world will be thrust into WW III.

The Seven Trumpets of the Seventh Seal, as well as the Seven Thunders of the Book of Revelation (which the apostle John saw but was restricted from recording) are revealed in this book.

Many of the prophecies of the Seven Thunders are being fulfilled and will continue to increase in strength and frequency throughout this final three and one-half years of man's self-rule on earth.

The prophecies revealed in this book explain the demise of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and much of western Europe, which will be followed by man's final world war. This last war will be the result of clashing religions and the governments they sway. Billions will die! The destruction of this time will far exceed the very worst times of all human history.

As these events unfold, the world will increasingly become aware of the authenticity of the words in this book and realize that Ronald Weinland has been sent by God as His end-time prophet.

This book is primarily directed to the people of the three major religions of the world (Islam, Judaism and Christianity), whose roots are in the God of Abraham. Ronald Weinland has been sent to all three.

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Marriage: One on one, or five?

Mitt and Ann Romney on December 22, 2007, at a...
Mitt and Ann Romney on December 22, 2007, at a campaign event in Londonderry, New Hampshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
online marriage records to find marriages between 1837-2004


US Republican candidate, Mitt Romney is against gay marriage. He's says marriage should be between one man and one woman. Mr Romney's grandfather, also a Mormon like his grandson, believed marriage was between one man and five women
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How to succeed in business...

Cover of "Rifftrax: Night of the Living D...
Cover via Amazon
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA - AUGUST 04: Job seekers go through an orientation before meeting with recruiters at the Catalyst Career Group job fair on August 4, 2011 in South San Francisco, California. The Employment Situation report for July, 2011 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is scheduled to be released tomorrow. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
WASHINGTON - JULY 6:  Twitter co-founder and E...
WASHINGTON - JULY 6: Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey and President Barack Obama read a Tweet from Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) during an online Twitter town hall meeting from the East Room of the White House July 6, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama and Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey held the online discussion to speak about the U.S .debt ceiling crisis. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Dotcom-Banks_460x230;DTo succeed in Business...
To really succeed in a business or organization, it is sometimes helpful to know what your job is, and whether it involves any duties. Ask among your coworkers. "Hi," you should say. "I'm a new employee. What is the name of my job?" If they answer "long-range planner" or "lieutenant governor," you are pretty much free to lounge around and do crossword puzzles until retirement. Most jobs, however, will require some work.
There are two major kinds of work in modern organizations:
1. Taking phone messages for people who are in meetings, and...
2. Going to meetings.
Your ultimate career strategy will be to get a job involving primarily No. 2, going to meetings, as soon as possible, because that's where the real prestige is. It is all very well and good to be able to take phone messages, but you are never going to get a position of power, a position where you can cost thousands of people their jobs with a single bonehead decision, unless you learn how to attend meetings.
The first meeting ever was held back in the Mezzanine Era. In those days, Man's job was to slay his prey and bring it home for Woman, who had to figure out how to cook it. The problem was, Man was slow and basically naked, whereas the prey had warm fur and could run like an antelope. (In fact it was an antelope, only nobody knew this).
At last someone said, "Maybe if we just sat down and did some brainstorming, we could come up with a better way to hunt our prey!" It went extremely well, plus it was much warmer sitting in a circle, so they agreed to meet again the next day, and the next.
But the women pointed out that, prey-wise, the men had not produced anything, and the human race was pretty much starving. The men agreed that was serious and said they would put it right near the top of their "agenda". At this point, the women, who were primitive but not stupid, started eating plants, and thus modern agriculture was born. It never would have happened without meetings.
The modern business meeting, however, might better be compared with a funeral, in the sense that you have a gathering of people who are wearing uncomfortable clothing and would rather be somewhere else. The major difference is that most funerals have a definite purpose. Also, nothing is really ever buried in a meeting.
An idea may look dead, but it will always reappear at another meeting later on. If you have ever seen the movie, "Night of the Living Dead," you have a rough idea of how modern meetings operate, with projects and proposals that everyone thought were killed rising up constantly from their graves to stagger back into meetings and eat the brains of the living.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are sports going to pot...

VANCOUVER, BC - FEBRUARY 11:  Director general...
VANCOUVER, BC - FEBRUARY 11: Director general of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), David Howman and the Chairmain of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) John Fahey attends a press conference ahead of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on February 11, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Anti-doping authorities may allow athletes to smoke pot. Is that really a good idea? Are sports going to pot?
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is planning a serious shake up of the international drug code.

Up in the smoke; the ban on marijuana use in sports may soon be lifted, where it’s not proven to be a performance enhancer. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is planning a serious shake up of the international drug code.
­The issue will be raised after Wednesday’s statement from the coalition of Australian sporting bodies, which said cannabis can’t be put on a par with human growth hormone or anabolic steroids and that the drug code must be reviewed.
At the moment, a substance appears on the WADA banned list if it meets the following criteria: it’s proven to be performance enhancing, it goes against the spirit of sport, or it’s dangerous to the health of athletes.
Marijuana qualifies as a forbidden drug under current rules, with sportsmen getting two-year bans if it’s found in their system, but the situation may soon change.
"There are those who believe our current criteria needs to be amended and that will be given appropriate consideration through this review process,” John Fahey, WADA President, told The Guardian newspaper. "Specifically to cannabis, I can only say to those, particularly in the football codes who have expressed concern that we're focusing on an area that really isn't about cheating in sport, I urge them to put a request up to WADA, which will be given to our list committee, who will examine it.”
"I won't express a view I'll simply say it will be thoroughly examined. There are some substances today that are banned in some sports, but not in others. That may well be an option they [the WADA banned-list committee] may wish to come to the board with in due course. But I won't pre-empt that, I'll let them decide without any influence from me," he added.
It is widely acknowledged that cannabis doesn’t give any advantage in fast-paced sports, but may prove helpful in disciplines like pistol shooting or golf where a steady hand is needed.
Weed-loving athletes will have to wait till November 2013 when WADA’s new code will be settled.
U-(Kiwipete says: Marijuana/cannabis may not be a performance enhancing drug as such, but it is probably the most insidious drug around because it undermines ambition and determination to succeed.

View the video below to get another point of view.
Please watch, this video if you have any doubts that Cannabis should be legal to all
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