Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shipwreck found after 112 years at the bottom of Lake Michegan...

 Shipwreck found after 112 years at the bottom of Lake Michegan...

A wooden steamship lost for more than a century has been found at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

The LR Doty had not been seen since sinking in a wild storm while transporting a cargo of corn from South Chicago to Canada in 1898.

A dive crew from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Research team took stunning photos of the wreck, which lies close to 100m below the surface.

The 90m-long ship remains in immaculate condition after being preserved by the icy waters.   Pictures Here

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naked woman leads police on chase through the suburbs...

Salt Lake CityImage via Wikipedia
Naked woman leads Utah officers on chase through the suburbs...

 WEST VALLEY CITY - A woman is undergoing a mental evaluation after police say she stole two vehicles, including a police cruiser, and led officers on a chase through two Salt Lake City suburbs - all while naked.

Police Capt. Tom McLachlan said doctors do not believe drugs or alcohol led to the woman's erratic behavior, which also included running through sagebrush.

The chase finally ended when she was subdued with a stun gun after climbing a chain-link fence.

"It appears there may be mental issues involved," McLachlan said.

He said the woman is in her early 30s, but her name was not being released. He said doctors need to finish a medical assessment before police decide whether to pursue charges.

The chase started when the already unclothed woman left her car, climbed into another car that was running and drove away, McLachlan said.

He said she wrecked that car, then ran off - still naked - into some sagebrush. A police officer spotted her and called for backup, not knowing what to expect from the woman.

When another officer arrived, the woman charged them both, slipped through their grasp and took off in one of their cruisers, ramming it through a large gate, McLachlan said.

That ride ended when the woman failed to make a sharp left turn and the cruiser ramped off a berm and traveled about 50 feet before crashing to the ground hard enough to bend the vehicle's frame, McLachlan said.

"That car that she took is a total loss," he said. "I think there's a hubcap that's still usable."

Acknowledgements: - Associated Press

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Watch your lip in Queensland...

Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh at Labour Day...Image via Wikipedia
Watch your lip in Queensland - Swearers face instant $124 fines in Australia:

Police will be given the power to issue $124 on-the-spot fines for swearing in public under controversial new legislation in Queensland, Australia.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the new laws, which also give police new powers to issue on-the-spot fines for public urination and disorderly conduct, would increase efficiency and save time.

She said that keeping minor offenders out of the courts would save the state between $22 million and $37 million, the Courier Mail reports.

But the new legislation, which will be introduced to parliament later this year, has drawn criticism from researchers.

An evaluation conducted by a university said that the on-the-spot powers meant police would issue tickets in situations that would not be considered criminal before the courts.

The findings came from a review of data from a one-year trial of the reforms in other Australian cities.

Government bodies have also expressed concern that offensive language fines could be issued in cases where they are not warranted.

But Police Minister Neil Roberts told the newspaper that inappropriate behaviour in public was not acceptable and would not be tolerated.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Five ton Jumbo on the run...

Elephant escapes Swiss circus

Police in Switzerland have recaptured a five-ton elephant that escaped from a circus on Sunday and ran through Zurich's banking district.

Sabu, a three-metre tall female, escaped from its keepers as it was being loaded onto the back of a truck and fled into the Swiss city's commercial and banking district.

The elephant managed to avoid capture for two hours as police chased it, before it went to take a swim in nearby Lake Geneva, the Daily Mail reported.

The animal kept a leisurely pace as it walked through the city, not causing any damage during its escape.

A keeper managed to calm down Sabu and bring it back to the circus.

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