Monday, June 4, 2007

My new " Write Niche " site - my Kiwi blogsite...

My new "Write Niche" site - my Kiwi blogsite...

I have just joined a new niche blogsite - my "Write Niche" site. This site is designed for niche blogging; there are thousands of other blogsites out there for general blogging interests.

This gives me the opportunity to blog about my favourite subject - my beloved little country down in the South Pacific.

So if you are interested, or even just a bit curious why not pop over for a visit. Have a read and make some comments. I would appreciate it very much.

With the change to wintery conditions, there is an opportunity for a few topics to write about; our weather has that effect on us.

So come back here occasionally too, and make a date to visit my Write Niche blogsite.

My Write Niche

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