Monday, July 16, 2007

Weather bomb causes havoc and hardship in New Zealand...

Weather 'bomb' over northern New Zealand causes havoc to domestic power supplies... Last week's weather 'bomb' over the northern part of New Zealand had some drastic affects on domestic power supplies; a week later and some people are still getting power supplies restored - almost third worldlike.

Food aid for power victims:

Hundreds of people are being offered generators, food, water or accommodation as Vector struggles to restore power in the Auckland region after last week's storm. Vector was last night unable to say when power would be restored, saying several of the affected homes were remote and needed specialist work to repair the lines. Most of those without power appeared to be on the North Shore and northwest Auckland, with around 140 homes affected. Does it concern anyone that the only people providing numbers is the electricity companies who have a vested interest in minimizing the extent of those without power? The storm took everyone by surprise and it shows how vulnerable we are to climate change and the fierce storms it creates. The power companies told us on the weekend that there were only 140 homes without power, yet Auckland Civil Defense quoted 300 – I don’t think either have any real idea when the power will be on and they certainly aren’t being honest how many people are still in the dark, wait till the anger really starts at the end of the week and people start demanding answers.

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