Thursday, November 1, 2007

There was a political call for a fart tax in New Zealand some years back...

There was a political call here in New Zealand a couple of years ago by government politicians for a "fart tax"! The pollies claimed it contributed to global warming. Be that as it may, the farmers objected and protested so loudly the idea was discarded.

Cows allegedly produce methane when they fart which goes into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming and climate change.

I would strongly suggest that there is so much hot air produced in Parliament which probably contributes more to climate change and global warming.

After all what's a few farts among friends?

Submitted by Darius.
Very funny stuff this whole farting business. Scientists say that ome cow produces the same amount of pollution as 10 cars running all day.Well it all reminds me of a joke. A very proper lady is in a Harley shop, as she leans over to touch and admire the shiny hog she farts. Quickly she glances around hoping nobody heard her gaffa.She spots a young salesman coming her way so she immediately asks "young man how much is this magnificent vehicle".The salesman thinks for a moment and then says "I'm not sure I should tell you because you farted just touching it,your going to crap yourself when I give you the price". Keep the faith.

Good one, Darius

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