Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friday the 13th - the legends, superstitions a plenty...

Friday the 13th - the legends. Just why is it so? Superstitions a plenty.

It allegedly goes back to Friday to the 13th of October, 1307. On this particular day it is claimed the Pope in Rome conspired in conjunction with the King of France and carried out a secret deal against and a warrant for the arrest of the Knights Templar. This was an attempt to obtain the source and whereabouts of the claimed great fortune of the Knights Templar. They never found it, if it actually existed. The Knights were terminated as heretics and the few survivors never held their former power again. Their Grand Master, Jacques De Molay, was arrested, tortured, crucified and killed. He never revealed the whereabouts of the alleged fortune. One particular story suggested that wagon loads of gold was smuggled out of the city while the Knights Templar were being arrested.

As some superstitions would have Friday the 13th as a lucky day, we would have to go back to the ancient Romans who dedicated the sixth day of the week to their beautiful but vain goddess, Venus. So when the ancient Norsemen adopted the Roman method of naming days, they too adopted Venus as their sixth day of the week. Their closest translation for Venus was Frigg or Freya, later evolved into Friday, their luckiest day of the week.

Muslims claim Friday as the day Allah created Adam; legend also claims Adam and Eve ate their forbidden fruit, the apple, on a Friday and also claim they died on a Friday as well. Christians claim Friday as the day Jesus was crucified to death.

Scandinavians believed Friday the 13th as being unlucky because of their mythological 12 demigods who were later joined by a 13th, Loki, an evil cruel demigod who brought them great misfortune. The No 13 in the Christian faith is because of the 13th guest at the Last Supper was Judas, who betrayed Jesus to the Romans.

These are all former beliefs that became superstition. Todays beliefs may be tomorrow supervisions too so don't step on a crack or walk under a ladder today. These are just a few instances of what involves Friday the 13th.

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