Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Anzac soldiers on guard at the bridge - Part 2...

This is a follow up to an earlier story of mine about the addition of a statue of a Kiwi soldier to join his Digger mate on Anzac Bridge in Sydney, Australia.

There is a humorous twist to the tale regarding recent comments from the sculptor, Alan Somerville. He said with a grin, he hasn't forgotten his New Zealad origins and as a consequence he will make the Kiwi soldier 5cm or two inches taller than his Digger mate.

Eight years afer the four metre high statue of the Australian World War 1 soldier was revealed, he will be joined by a Kiwi mate on guard at the bridge.

On April 27 2008,two days after Anzac Day,NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark and New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma will unveil Dunedin born sculptor Alan Somerville's work. Someville emigrated to Australia in 1988.

The two soldiers will face each other across the bridge and will be distinguished by their hats - the "lemon squeezer" of the Kiwi, and the Aussie in his famed slouch hat. A jar of sand from Gallipoli will be placed inside the plinth where the Kiwi soldier stands.

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