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The Moses Code - a new truth or recycled deception...

First published at Qassia:

Moses Code: What is the Moses Code? Fact or fiction. Incredible miracles. Law of Attraction. A new truth or recycled deception? A number of questions need to be answered.

I must say I had never heard of the Moses Code until reading the latest copy of THE GOOD NEWS. There is a new book, a DVD and a movie all of which claim the Moses Code promises the power to transform the world through a secret method supposedly revealed to Moses. But what is the story behind this revealed secret - The Law of Attraction?

On the cover of the newest New Age best seller THE MOSES CODE, author and movie producer James Twyman promises to reveal the secret for the "most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world". Thats a huge claim!

Thirty five hunded years ago this technology was allegedly used to create some of the most incredible miracles the world has ever seen. Now you can allegedly use this secret - the Moses Code - to help manifest a new world yourself. The new movie "The Moses Code" will teach you how to use the Law of Attraction.

This big secret is allegedly "an ancient technique that has existed in the world for more than 3500 years, but was hidden away long ago because authorities decided it was too powerful to be arbitarily wielded." I bet it was!

So therefore the authors of the Bible - 'The Truth' - arbitarily decided it should not be included in the word of God. Other spiritual leaders who had evolved to the point of understanding the 'Code' and practised it, and had extraordinary results with it, including Jesus Christ,didn't want it passed on; and as a consequence it wasn't included in the New Testament either. Extraordinary indeed!

James Tyman claims the Moses Code will transform your life! Indeed, but whose truth is actually contained in it?

But is the code actually a deception? Read the "Moses Code Deception" by Christopher Lawson,March 10 2008.Or is it really channelled occult teachings?

The Moses Code

Today the story is allegedly different - mankind is undergoing a spiritual revolution. For the first time in our history man is realising his true potential. Really?

The Moses Code is made up of two words: I Am. The letters indicate that man is the ruler of his own destiny; I Am means that a human being is one with God and has the power to manifest miracles previously thought impossible.

It believes that we all have a part of God or the Supreme Being in us. We can, therefore,manifest what we want in our lives.

The code tells us that we already have the abilty but follow the code in the wrong way.

The apostle Paul told people to "test all things" they are taught to prove whether these things are truthful. Seeking the truth never means leaving your brain at the door. Indeed!

Contributor's Note
Article sources: Rettig

The Good News magazine - May - June 2008

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