Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The three anti-Christs - you either believe or disbelieve...

Some people believe and some don't believe in the three anti-Christs. I just write about them and leave the readers to make up their minds...

The third Antichrist:

To achieve the tremendous impact the first two antichrists have had (if we accept that they where Hitler and Napoleon), a number of circumstances needed to be accomplished. Firstly the antichrists represented world powers and were able to motivate and inspire a large number of followers. Both Hitler and Napoleon were leaders of the most powerful nations at their time. They had the will and the means to achieve their goals no matter the cost and the consequences. They were able to sell their ideas to their followers and convince whole nations to participate in their plans.

The political and economic circumstances needed firm and resolute actions. The antichrists brought hope and strength. It was the objection by other nations that finally set off the slaughter between mankind. The cost and the consequences were large-scale death, destruction and suffering for France, Europe and the world in general.

It seems logical that the third antichrist will fit in, in that same way.

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