Saturday, December 13, 2008

Key National government introduces fascist 90 day hire and fire law in NZ...

While this is not my political blogsite, this post deals with social issues which must be discussed.

The newly elected rightwing National Government in NZ has introduced under urgency and passed into law a '90 day hire and fire Act' giving small employers(under 20 employees) the legal right to sack workers without notice or grievance procedure within the ninety day period.

While the provisions of the new law are attacked, the worst aspect was the law being introduced under urgency a couple of weeks before Christmas. Under urgency prevents debate in the committee stages of law making.

The only protection workers will have are those under human rights legislation.

I understand a similar situation exists in the US, but it is not enacted in law, but through employers hiring procedures.

Critics claim that compliance costs will increase, as they did when a similar law was enacted in Britain.

I can't understand how it will assist the employment of more workers; it will just make those already at risk more vulnerable, especially the young, ethnic, or foreign workers on short term visas.

The largest union in the country,the EPMU, made the unparalled and unsuccessful petition to the Governor General to intervene.

In the 1990's the then National Government introduced the controversial Employment Contracts Act(ECA) which affected NZ workers in a number of negative and repressive ways and kept National out of office for nine years. There is genuine fear here that the new law may be the thin edge of the wedge!

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