Tuesday, September 8, 2009

US teenager cries tears of blood...

An American teenager has baffled doctors by crying tears of blood.

The eyes of Calvino Inman, 15, well up with blood about three times a day in episodes that last up to an hour.

While the Tennessee boy says he doesn't experience great pain from the phenomenon, the tears can sometimes burn his eyes.

The first time it happened, his mother Tammy Mynatt phoned 911 emergency.

"The scariest thing in my life was when he looked at me and said 'Momma, am I going to die?," Ms Mynatt told Stirile Pro TV.

"That right there broke my heart."

But after seeing several specialists and undergoing MRIs, catscans and ultrasounds, the cause of Calvino's tears remains a mystery.

Adding to the teen's pain is instances of schoolyard bullying over his condition, which has seen him called a vampire.

"I've been called ‘possessed’ ... the first time it hurt my feelings," he said.

In April, Indian girl Rashida Khatoon was declared a miracle by Hindu holy men for also shedding tears of blood.

Followers flocked to her home in Patna, northeast India, to shower her with gifts.

"I do not feel any pain when it happens but it's a shock to see blood instead of water," The Sun quoted Rashida


Sire said...

Now that is weird. If he was a statue it would be declared a miracle. You would think there would be some sort of explanation though, something wrong with the tear duct or something?

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

There was also another case in India earlier this year. Weird is the word, mate!