Monday, December 28, 2009

Resomation or green cremation part of increased alternatives to traditional burials...

Resomation or green cremation is part of increased alternatives to traditional burial as cremations increase around the world, due to a scarcity of land. The highest national use of traditional cremations is Japan at a massive 97%, United Kingdom 70%, New Zealand 58% and China 41%, with US currently on 30%, but expected to rise to 38% in 2010.

Green burials where bodies are placed in biodegradable wooden or wicker caskets without being embalmed, and often under a tree have gained popularity around the world. Veterinarians have been using this process for years.

But it is green cremation or RESOMATION (a Greek term for rebirth of the body) that has gained interest in some quarters. Resomation is a water/alkali based alternative to burial and cremations with significant environmental benefits and is both dignified and respectful.

Islam is adamantly still opposed to cremation, Judaism isn't particularly thrilled with it either, and Catholics now apparently approve of it - but there appears to be no moral problem with using alkaline hydrolosis, which is "green cremation".

Most religions honour the body that houses the soul, and do not advocate scattering the ashes to the four winds.

What is Resomation or green cremation? Please read the following:

A body is placed inside a vault-like tube(after being wrapped in a silk bag)and the chamber is sealed, filled with water and lye, and steam heated to 300 degrees. After three hours all that is left are crumbly bone fragments(to bury in an urn or scatter) and 200 gallons of fluid with a ph level described being between handsoap and ammonia.

The end product is that the resulting fluids can be sent to the sewer like last night's bath water, or even spread on fields or gardens - making one a truly Green Being. The process has no sooty emissions and uses 80% less energy than regular cremation.

The total carbon footprint is allegedly 18 times less than standard cremation. It is reportedly 100% mercury free, and the hot trend with today's enviro-friendly crowd.

Resomation the green cremation


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Sire said...

That sounds like a pretty good alternative. How does the cost compare to other forms of burial?

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