Monday, April 5, 2010

Glasses aren't so geeky after all - could be sexy...

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Glasses aren’t so geeky after all - could be sexy?

Investing your hard-earned cash in a pair of spectacles is something no person should be ashamed of. In fact, turning a little four-eyed could be the first step to a new, and better, you.

According to the results of a recent survey commissioned by OPSM, wearing glasses improves your employment, sex and fashion appeal.

The online survey of 482 Kiwis by Stellar Market Research found a whopping 74 percent believe that glasses can make people look sexy and 93 percent believe glasses are more stylish than they used to be.

It's definitely time to bin the contact lenses.

More than one in four of those surveyed would consider wearing frames as a fashion accessory, even if they didn't need a prescription. And more than three quarters of people admitted to checking out a potential partner purely because of their eyewear.

Employability is also boosted by a pair of rims. Almost two thirds of people believe wearing glasses helps improve employment chances, while more than half think wearing glasses helps to make a better impression at a job interview and makes a positive first impression in the workplace


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Sire said...

I agree how wearing glasses now is not what it used to be. In my younger days they would tease kids who had to get glasses where today there are those who want to wear glasses even though they don't need them.

I must admit though that the glasses of today are so much better than when I first starting wearing them.