Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outspoken law professor silenced, classes suspended...

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Outspoken law professor silenced, classes suspended...

China University of Political Science and Law (CUPSL) attracted widespread media attention last week when it suddenly suspended Xiao Han, an associate professor of law and active blogger on Chinese legal issues, from teaching classes indefinitely.

Xiao, a 40-year-old instructor of constitutional and administrative law, is especially known among colleagues and students for voicing dissenting opinion in his blogs.

His more controversial entries examine compulsory relocation law, over-bureaucratic university administration and the unrealistic quotas universities impose on professors for academic publication, while advocating reforms of the Chinese legal system and freer student-teacher interaction.

"I just want to let others know what has happened to me during this whole ordeal, and don't want to involve too many political issues," Xiao told the Global Times Tuesday.

Cancelled without notice.

Although his blogs on sina. com and are still open, nearly 100 entries deemed sensitive have been deleted, and now the comment sections are being censored, according to Xiao.

However, school officials cite a lack of a teaching certificate as the reason for his suspen-sion despite his employment at CUPSL for six years.

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