Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warner Bros Entertainment won award as worst transnational corporation in NZ...

Kantoor van Warner BrosImage via WikipediaAn industrial dispute over The Hobbit films which bitterly divided public opinion in New Zealand last year, resulted in Warner Bros Entertainment being awarded a few weeks ago, the title of worst transnational corporation operating  in New Zealand for 2011.

The "Saurons of Cinema" - Warner Bros Entertainment  wielded such power as to influence the New Zealand National Government to rewrite legislation in their favour after threatening to take film making away from New Zealand to other countries, something that would have costed scores of jobs in NZ.

They gained about $100 million dollars in tax write offs.

But the bottom line here is that such interference in New Zealand politics sets a precedence for all future negotiations between the NZ government and other transnational companies.

Film-maker Peter Jackson has  also had his reputation badly dented as well. A brilliant film-maker he may
well be, but a rat-bag businessman who  is prepared to use any tactic to get his own way is the way many saw him during the dispute..

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