Norman Kirk 1971

:?:A secret 20 year history of Australia and New Zealand

Author unknown
This is is quite long, approx 56K and contains some very amazing
information, such as Swiss Account Numbers of high profile people on Mafia
Payrolls. You may be surprised at some of the names mentioned here.
It also contains references to CIA operations to place subliminal TV
broadcasts throughout Australia and NZ, and other countries.

Happy reading.

Kiwipete says:  I have found it extremely difficult to publish this link. So I want you to concentrate from the heading 'Whitlam and Kirk' and read down to the beginning of 1976 once Muldoon was in power. During this period both Anzac PM's introduced policies that were not favoured by the internationalists and in Kirks case was replaced by his successor, Bill Rowling, and carried on by Robert Muldoon. Norman Kirk died in office in 1974. A CIA spokesman claimed he was murdered by the use of Sodium Morphate, the same drug that allegedly killed the Shah of Iran. Gough Whitlam was sacked in 1975 by Australian Governor General, John Kerr. I don't know if Norman Kirk was assassinated or not, but the drug apparently gave the appearance of having a heart attack. The same with the Shah of Iran who died in America. Changes have been made in Australia to prevent a future Governor General from having the power to sack a prime minister. Enjoy the read.

Kiwipete Says