Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wait until I call your number, love - an exercise in patience...

Wait until I call your number,love - an exercise in patience...

One Friday night in a crowded downtown Wellington hotel bar many years ago a very large man sat down beside me and started banging the bar with his fist.

A very busy and flustered barmaid with three pints of beer in each hand said she would be right back to serve him.

But the extremely impatient customer started banging the bar again with his fist for service.

Going to the cash register, the barmaid wrote the number 567 on a piece of paper and laid it in front of him. "Wait until I call your number, love!" she said to him.

Then turning to the bar she said," Now who has number one?"

I think that impatient customer learned a very valuable lesson that night.

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