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April 25 is ANZAC DAY in New Zealand and Australia...

April 25 is ANZAC DAY in Australia and New Zealand...

April 25 is Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand. This is the day we honour and remember our fallen heroes from all wars, and especially recall how the legend of Anzac began on April 25 1915 when members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps were dropped off on the beachs of Gallipoli on the Turkish coast as part of the British campaign to invade Turkey. The place is known as Anzac Cove today.

From the ships thousands of Australian and New Zealanders disembarked into the shallow waters under heavy gunfire, machine gun and rifle fire. Many were killed instantly,others made it to the beaches and were killed, others fought in the campaign during many months before being repatriated. Thousands were killed and wounded on both sides, Anzacs and Turks. Thousands were left behind to be buried in military cemetries. The campaign was a disaster; the Anzacs were landed on the wrong beach. The British High Command had failed dismally. The campaign involved British and other Empire troop, including Indians.

The Gallipoli campaign was to create not only the legend, but begin the journey of nationhood for Australians and New Zealanders, from British dominions to the self governing nations within the Commonwealth of today.

Today from Darwin to Perth to Brisbane to Melbourne and Sydney and the bush; from Auckland to Napier to New Plymouth to Wellington to Christchurch to Greymouth and to Invercargill,and scores of other towns and even at Gallipoli itself, will hold dawn parades to remember the fallen, and to retire later to RSL's and RSA's for a meal, a quiet drink and a chat with former comrades, friends and families and continue the spirit of Anzac which actually grows stronger with every passing year.

Lest we forget; we will remember them. The spirit and legend wll never die!

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