Friday, October 5, 2007

Little "Pumpkin" to live in China with grandma...

Farewell little "Pumpkin" we wish you well in your new life with Grandma in China.

She beamed into our lives through world TV news programs a few weeks ago; that poor little abandoned three year old at a Melbourne, Australia, train station. She was nick-named "Pumpkin" by Australian authorities, because of the Pumpkin Patch clothing she wore on that fateful night.

Soon the horrible truth that preceded her abandonment was revealed by New Zealand police. Her father had apparently murdered her mother in Auckland and fled to Australia with his little daughter, callously and cold heartedly abandoning her at the train station, and catching a flight to Los Angeles.

Soon the little girl was identified as Qian Xun Xuecan. Her mother, Anan Liu, was found murdered in the boot of a car outside the family home in Auckland.

Later news revealed she had an elder half sister in Auckland,Grace,the estranged daughter of Nai Yin Xue,who is still being pursued by US marshals in California to this day, and due to appear on "America's Most Wanted" program in a few days or so.

In the meantime little Pumpkin was brought to New Zealand by Australian social services authorities to await a decision on her future.

After her maternal grandmother arrived in New Zealand and expressed her desire to look after her little grand-daughter,a family group conference was held in Auckland.

The Principal Family Court Judge, Peter Boshier, has made his decision in the case.The child's grandmother, Liu Xiao Ping, has been given custody of Qian Xun Xuecan, the youngster the New Zealand public knew as little "Pumpkin".

Apparently Judge Boshier had a difficult decision to make because of many conflicting Acts of Parliament which had to be balanced, creating tensions, and because of this significant parts of his decision were suppressed to the public.

Mrs Liu, the grandmother, accompanied by an interpreter and her lawyer,was spoken to directly by Judge Boshier.

I quote the Judge:" It is important to acknowledge at the outset to those members of the family present today the utterly tragic circumstances." And further." Above all else, I acknowledge the sadness of the circumstances that bring us here today."

He appointed Mrs Liu as an "additional guardian" under New Zealand's Care of Children Act.

Under the same Act the grandmother was given leave to apply for a parenting order so that the child "is placed into the day to day care of her grandmother".

He also ordered that Qian Xun Xuecan's elder half sister be given contact with the child through email, telephone, exchange of photos and visits when Grace is in China, or when the child is in New Zealand.

The parenting order allows Qian to live in China with her grandmother. Even though she is a New Zealand citizen, she is Chinese and has cultural links to China, and attachment to her grandmother is demonstratable.

Surprisingly, the child's father still has guardianship rights over the girl, something that will be reviewed at a later date.It was a very good and just decision by Judge Boshier, reflecting the famiy's wishes to support and protect the little girl.

Goodbye, little "Pumpkin" and best wishes from us all for the future!

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