Saturday, February 2, 2008

IRB Sevens rugby tournament at Wellington, NZ, - a two day party, and some rugby too...

The IRB Rugby Sevens at Wellington, New Zealand. A two day party! The annual sevens tournament lived up to its hype and expectations again at the Wellington Stadium. They party in the south stand in Hong Kong, and everywhere at Wellington. And dress up in a variety of amazing and imaginative costumes for the event. Hey, there's even some seven- a-side rugby too!

New Zealand hadn't won its own tournament since 2005, and since it had won the first two tournaments of the year at Dubai, and George, South Africa, it was going to be a tough favourite for the final - and last years winner, Samoa too! Throw in Fiji, England, South Africa,Australia, Tonga and Argentina - and you had a battle royal on your hands.

Well, some of the more favoured teams didn't make it past the quarter finals. Even Samoa went down 0- 19 to New Zealand in pool play. But after 43 games the final came down to an unbeaten New Zealand, and last years winner, Samoa.

The final was completely different to the pool game won by NZ - this was the real McCoy, tough,uncompromising and amazingly skilful - a real final. With four minutes to go and all tied up at 17-17, it was all on. A final attack and a new star in the mould of Jonah Lomu - "Victor Vito" scored the winning try to give NZ victory.

After the award ceremony at least 25,000 of the original 35,000 who had packed the stadium wanted to continue partying. Soon they too disappeared fom sight into the evening heat to continue at downtown bars and restaurants. Another great tournament - you are personally invited to next years tournament - same time, same place!

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