Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Black Triangle Mystery - UFO sightings in Britain...

"First Published in Qassia"

The Black Triangle Mystery - UFO sightings in Britain...

Since 1990 there has allegedly been 4000 sightings of what has been described as the "Flying Triangle", the "Black Triangle" or "Silent Vulcan" over the skies of Britain.
In the early 90's there were apparently similar sightings over mainland Europe - Belgium, France, Holland and Germany; with fighter aircraft being sent up to intercept these alien craft.

The British Government claims the "Black Triangle" UFO is a secret military aircraft and has ordered the BBC and other media not to report on them. Really?

If the sightings are of a secret military aircraft why do they hover over motorways, power stations, graveyards and other areas as though they are looking for something?

All very mysterious and needing some pretty solid research, I would suggest.

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Anonymous said...

I saw one of these craft just outside Rose Barracks, Friedburg, Germany in 1981. Do you mean to tell me that when the F-15 was still an "A" version, and the B-1 bomber wasn't even in production yet, that the government had silent, massive, black 'Star Destroyer' looking ships? This thing is ALIEN.

Anonymous said...

one night in paraparaumu wellington nz 2013, I seen a group of four black triangle shape objects moving slowly at a low altitude across the sky, they were totally silent and had no lights. what are they??