Sunday, July 20, 2008

The News at Six - Weird and probably true...

The News at Six...

Weird and probably true:

East German dictator Erich Honecker boasted of his hunting prowess by being photographed with game he'd killed - but his quarry was actually shot by Marx-men lackeys, his cook says in a tell-all book.

"While Honecker and his guests were wading through the woods, most of the hares had already been caught and strung up by professional hunters," wrote Jurgen Krause.

Some of the game was even frozen in advance - "many had not even been defrosted," Krause said.

In Malaysia, vanity has a high price.

A businessman there paid $54,300 for a license plate bearing his name, the highest price ever paid for a plate in the country.

The plate, which read simply, "TAN," went to a man identified as, well, Tan, The Star newspaper reported.

A small white terrier is back with his family after a mysterious 1,400-mile trip when a microchip implanted in his neck helped identify his owners.

The dog, Kobe, vanished from his Bellflower, Calif., home and was found by a stranger in Denton, Tex.

AVID, the California company that made the chip, flew Kobe from Texas to California and on Thursday he was reunited with his owners, the Ontiveros family.

The Taliban have gone to pot.

Canadian troops fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan have stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy - almost impenetrable forests of 10-foot marijuana plants.

General Rick Hillier, chief of the Canadian force, said Taliban fighters were using the forests as cover.

The Canadians did them one better - they covered an armored car with the herb as camouflage.

An 88-year-old grandma from Magnolia, Del., lost her lawsuit against the Postal Service over a clerk who accused her of being a terrorist.

When Lucille Greene tried to mail 30 fruitcakes as Christmas gifts in 2002, the clerk asked her: "What kind of explosives do you have in here?"

Greene was so flustered, she tripped outside, breaking her glasses and chipping a tooth.

The judge said the clerk was likely "less than courteous."

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