Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The real American ID Act - your opinion is required...

As a non- American I really know nothing about this impending policy. I throw it open for your discussion:

"The Real ID Act and How to Take Action Against It & Say No!"

This video ( link below)discusses the The Real ID and what it will mean for every American Citizen in our nation. Most Americans have always wondered why nazi germany was so tyrannical during World War II. Well there's no need to wait. Because effective MAY 11TH 2008 all states must adopt the Real ID program that will force citizens with drivers licenses to be put into national databases with all of their information. This step is closer to the World ID Card program for One World Government in the New World Order globalization plan to track & trace it's population. Without your National ID card you will not be able to travel. Get on transportation services and more restrictions. ... SAY NO TO THE REAL ID & NATIONAL ID CARD! ... It's your responsibility as citizens t
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