Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NZ Health Ministry's confirmation of Swine Flu...

The latest health news report:

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that Swine Flu is in New Zealand.

A group of Rangitoto College students who have been in isolation since their return home from Mexico have been told they have contracted the new strain of the flu virus.

Tests carried out in Melbourne show that three of the four cases tested are all positive. Testing continues on the fourth sample.

Director of Public Health Mark Jacobs says it is now assumed all 11 students who tested positive for Influenza A have Swine Flu. He says officials have been preparing for this eventuality, and the response taken to both the college group and to the other passengers on NZ1 that came into New Zealand on Saturday does not change as a result of this information.

Mark Jacobs says New Zealand has another 43 suspected cases around the country, and further tests will be carried out.

The Rangitoto College students will continue with their Tamiflu treatment, and have been told to remain in home isolation until they have completed 72 hours of the drug.

Health Minister Tony Ryall says it is a time for caution and concern but not alarm.


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