Friday, April 17, 2009

A young Kiwi may have been killed over a $5.00 drink in a Bali bar...

Young Kiwi may have been killed over a $5.00 drink in a Bali bar brawl...

A former Kiwi soldier in his mid twenties, who served a number of years in East Timor on peace-keeping duties with the NZ Army, and resigned just a year ago, got caught up in a bar brawl in Bali, was attacked by a number of people, some of whom may have been local security staff, and later died of his injuries which included a glass thrown at his head by the barman.

His worst problem was that he and his girlfriend, who received minor injuries as well, didn't have $400.00 cash or insurance cover to get an ambulance to take him to hospital or get medical treatment.

They went back to their room where she allegedly passed out, and found her boyfriend dead when she recovered.

Tourists have always been warned wherever they intend to go, to ensure they have insurance cover - you should always carry some extra cash too for emergencies, even if you put it in your shoes.

Too late to say, we told you so, but this is tragic! He was by all acounts, a good guy who just got caught up in a bar brawl and paid the ultimate price! His family have said he intended to re-enlist in the NZ Army later on - just wanted a bit of free time first.

The NZ Government may or may not assist in helping the man's family to get his body back to New Zealand in the next few days. Change of government, change of priorities. Will update here when I learn the facts of the matter.

I have provided a link to the latest news story that suggests it may have been the barman who actually killed the young Kiwi.He may jave been killed over $5.00, his girlfriend claims.

He died over a $5.00 drink. Life can be so cheap at times.

Death over a $5.00 drink

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