Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is this fossil find in Germany the so-called missing link...

Is the new fossil find the so-called missing link? From Germany comes this remarkable find of a 47 million year old lemur which could supposedly be the common ancestor of all apes monkeys, including our own species.

Darwinius masillae , a small lemur- like creature that lived 47 million years ago, reportedly illuminates a critical chapter in the human story when the primate family tree split into two branches, one of which led ultimately to us.

The fossil allegedly could even mark the point at which the evolutionary lineage of humans, apes and monkeys diverged from that of more distant primate cousins such as lemurs, lorises and bushbabies. Its anatomical features suggest that it lies close to the origin of the human branch and it could be an ancient ancestor of human. Could it be your ancestor?

The skeleton that was found in 1983 in Germany is missing only one leg. I'll give you the link and you can decide for yourself whether you should believe or not! Its as good as it gets at this stage. Regard it not as your great, great, grandmother, but more like your great, great, great aunt!

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