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The myth of Anna Anderson and Anastasia exposed...

Anna Anderson Exposed - busting the myth of the most famous royal imposter.

The Myth of Anna Anderson and Anastasia:

It's very well known that Anna Anderson claimed she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia. For many years the story has been told and the legend has grown. Unfortunately, the mystery and legend surrounding the original story has expanded so much over the years that at times fiction, or especially fantasy, have overgrown reality. While everyone, even me, would rather believe that Anastasia escaped the massacre of her family in the Ipatiev house in Ekaterinburg on the night of July 16-17, 1918, this sadly did not happen, and it isn't right to let a myth perpetuate into fiction because it's more fun, or more preferrable, to believe it was true. Olga Alexandrovna, youngest sister of Tsar Nicholas, was once quoted as saying, "my telling the truth does not matter, because the public simply wants to believe the mystery." The objective of this site is to present another view of the evidence and details surrounding this story than you're going to get at the many sites on the web that promote the idea that Anna Anderson was Anastasia.

Although it's not as interesting, exciting or romantic to believe as it would be if she were Anastasia, I have no doubt at all that Anna Anderson was indeed the missing Polish factory worker Franziska Schanzkowska. This conclusion was first found by Ernst of Hesse's detectives in the 1920's, and proven by 1994 DNA tests. Anderson's DNA did not match that of the royal family (100% exclusion), and it matched Franziska's great nephew, Karl Maucher, with 99.9% accuracy. See more evidence by clicking DNA tests

In Photographic comparisons, you'll see that Anna Anderson actually looked a lot more like Franziska than Anastasia! Though Anderson's supporters have used clever tricks to make them appear more similar, Anderson really looks very little like the real Anastasia, but bears a strong resemblance to Franziska Schanzkowska.

It does look as if the blows against Anderson's claim would now be insurmountable, and enough to end this fractured fairy tale once and for all. Though the DNA and photos speak for themselves, and now that the last two missing bodies have been found, Anderson supporters continue to cling to their ideals and grasp at straws trying anything and stopping at nothing to make you believe there still might be a chance she was Anastasia. Some go so far as to invent outrageous conspiracy theories to discredit those connected with the DNA testing, and reality itself.

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