Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stem cell treatment - snake oil - stem cell scam...

Doctor Claims Controversial Stem Cell Treatment- One Critic Calls It 'Snake Oil'.

Stem Cell research will continue for many years, but treatment? Thats another story altogether.

Is it a scientific breakthrough, or stem cell scam? A Malibu doctor claims to be saving lives with a treatment the FDA says is illegal in the United States.

Dr. William Rader gets around the stem cell ban by sending patients to his clinic in the Dominican Republic. A psychiatrist by training, Dr. Rader gets the stem cells in Eastern Europe, from fetuses aborted between eight-and-12-weeks. He charges $25,000 for the first injection.

Dr. Rader also claims to have a cure for AIDS. Another scam?

Dr. Rader may be a familiar face if you're a longtime viewer of Eyewitness News. He worked at ABC7 as an on-air psychiatrist for more than a decade.Read


Sire said...

Interesting. What proof does he offer?

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Thats it, he doesn't have proof. Just the old 'trust me' routine, I think!

stem cell treatment said...

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