Saturday, July 11, 2009

We support the Action Against Hunger campaign

We support the Action Against Hunger campaign here at Huttriver8's World.

The world's hungry has exceeded one billion for the first time in history, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation. This represents a figure of one in six people going to bed desperately hungry every night. To say that is a lot of hungry people, would be the understatement of the century. Malnutrition kills 5 million children every year. Is that acceptable? Not in my book friends! That is why we support the Action Against Hunger campaign.

The combination of the global economic downturn and high food prices has meant there have been dramatic increases in the number of people worldwide who suffer from acute and chronic malnutrition - this has had a particularly devastating effect on the world's poor - and their chikdren! Declining wages and reduced opportunities has made the purchase of even basic food even moor difficult, especially in the developing countries where the cost remains desperately high, a United Nations study revealed at the end of 2008. The average price was an incredible 24% more than two years previously.

These figures underscore the urgency of the global hunger crisis. Action Against Hunger is working every day to save the lives of malnourished children and provide families with access to safe drinking water and sustainable solutions to hunger.

Some simple facts to consider:

1/ There is enough food in the world to feed 12 billion people, twice the present world population. The problems lie with the distribution of the available food, not the amount itself.

2/ If the vast amounts of money spent by both the developed and developing world countries were transfered to feeding those who lack sufficient food and water, there would not be a hunger crisis and starving millions around the world in the first place.

Action Against Hunger

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