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So Clive thought the law of physics didn't apply to him, the silly man...

So Clive thought the laws of physics didn't apply to him, the silly man...

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Clive was one of those rather dishonest people who have been described as a "career criminal". What a career? Yeah right!
He was obviously convinced that the law of physics didn't apply to him. He is also described as a man who thinks big in his dubious career of crime. Recently the British criminal stole a truck and loaded it up with 18 pallets of stolen nickel and copper worth 150,000 Pounds ($330,000. Yes, it was a huge haul alright, many would suggest it was too huge.

Police arrested Clive when the truck's suspension collapsed under the huge weight. Clive was also a recidivist offender - earlier in the day he had also stolen a car, overloaded it and broke its suspension too!

No chance of Clive completing the hatrick though - he is now doing time in one of Her Majesty's prisons.

Acknowledgements: Peter Petterson

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