Monday, March 22, 2010

Is the Healthcare legislation actually constitutional...

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Is health-care reform constitutional?

With the House set to vote on health-care legislation, the congressional debate on the issue seems to be nearing its conclusion. But if the bill does become law, the battle over federal control of health care will inevitably shift to the courts. Virginia's attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli II, has said he will file a legal challenge to the bill, arguing in a column this month that reform legislation "violate[s] the plain text of both the Ninth and Tenth Amendments." On Friday, South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster and Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum announced that they will file a federal lawsuit if health-care reform legislation passes.

Acknowledgements: Washington Post

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Sire said...

Well it passed, and it looks like you were right. There are a lot of States that aren't happy with it who will be challenging it. Personally I think they should leave it be, I see nothing wrong with having a National healthcare system.