Saturday, October 16, 2010

The destruction of Atlantis and Europe

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According to Plato, the legendary continent of Atlantis was situated west of the Pillars of Hercules(Straight of Gibralter) in what is now the mid-Atlantic ocean. Atlantis was to the world then in many ways what America is to the world today -a superpower with advanced technology. Some twelve to thirteen thousand years ago, a pole shift shook the Earth ripping its way through Atlantis where it became the planet's new south polar opening. Atlantis was now no longer a tropical paradise but became a frozen polar land mass which we know today as the Antarctic. Recent secret expeditions by both American and Russian scientists have detected underground lakes and signs of civilization two miles beneath the antarctic ice. Our planet practices a kind of crop rotation tecnique with its landmasses every six to twelve thousand years so that what was once ice, desert, or sea becomes land and vice-versa. The next shift-accompanied rotation may well occur within the next twenty-five years, and this time the magnetic north or "path of the Lord" is supposed to rip its way through Europe where it will become the new north polar opening. This abyss or opening will be some 1400 to 1600 miles across. Along the path of destruction and through the newly formed polar opening will shine the light of the Lord(inner sun) which every eye shall see. Both Hitler and Edgar Cayce foresaw the destruction or sinking of much of Europe, as did Nostradamus and others.
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