Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The mystery location of the Garden of Eden...

Garden of EdenImage by oak37 via Flickr
The mystery location of the Garden of Eden:

It has been written that there is a great mystery that is concealed in the  Torah story about Avraham's burial of his wife Sarah. And it is also written that this mystery is not just another piece of boring mumbo-jumbo philosophical religious lesson. Interesting!

No, it is claimed that this mystery is about a geological & geographical reality that has been spoken about for centuries in  Torah literature and echoed  in the literature  of numerous cultures around the globe. It is written that this mystery is about the Garden of Eden being a real physical place,  and about its exact location today.

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Southern Iraq:

Biblical scholars reportedly believe tthat the wetlands in southern Iraq are the site of the Garden of Eden. In the 1990's Saddam Hussein had the area drained by diverting its waters in order to punish the locals who had allegedly supported a rebellion against his regime. Nearly two decades later, Azzam an Iraqi American and founder of Nature Iraq, returned in the middle of a war to help restore the area.

But there is another theory about the location of the Garden of Eden: Keep reading Huttriver8.


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