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Blu-ray or blu-ray disc - more than just a pretty color...

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Blu-ray or blu-ray disc - more than just a pretty colour...

By Peter Petterson
First published at Qondio:
You may be interested like me to learn a little more about the new technology known as Blu-ray or Blu-ray disc. It is becoming really competitive with the traditional DVD technology. Insiders in the industry claim there will eventually be only one winner - and it may well be Blu-ray.

I have heard and read a little about this new technology known as Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc. This is the name for the new optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, which includes about two hundred members within the industry.
So what makes Blu-ray so special apart from its pretty blue-violet color, instead of the traditional red laser used to read DVD technology?
Apparently Blu-ray has a shorter wavelength which makes it easier to focus the laser spot with greater precision. Data can be packed more tightly and in less space. Blu-ray disc movies are becoming more popular too. But I don't have a Blu-ray player at this stage, and will have to rely on media publicity and information online. I have provided a couple of URLs for readers to research this subject further.
While Blu-ray can only be played on their own players, DVD's can also be played on these machines which will make them clearer as well. While consumers with smaller TV sets will reap the benefits of Blu-ray,the real benefits of improved picture quality will be more obvious as the screen size increase. 3D may be some way off yet; you'll still have to wear your special glasses to watch 3D and in any case there are only limited titles available.
Just as VHS outlasted Beta in video formats, Blu-ray has conquered HD-DVD which is reportedly fading from the market.

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