Friday, June 10, 2011

Todays evangelicals embracing the worlds deadliest cults...

Today's evangelicals embracing the world's deadliest cults...

Pastor Wilson Ewin's latest 76 page book thoroughly documents the fact that Roman Catholicism is indeed the world's deadliest cult. It further documents the way in which Charismatic error and New-evangelical compromise have given Romanism an unwarranted and unscriptural opportunity to deceive millions of uninformed believers. In an effort to give this important documentation the earliest and widest possible readership, brother Ewin has given us permission to reproduce the major portion of his book. Additional copies of this special edition of FOUNDATION can be obtained from the Fundamental Evangelisitic Association, PO Box 6278, Los Osos, CA 93412, 805-528-3534. However, the full text of Pastor Ewin's original publication which includes important graphics and photographs with helpful captions can be obtained from


During this period of ecumenism when churches are coming closer together is it right to be critical of Roman Catholicism? Should we not accept and respect each other's positions and work together in love for church unity? Little do some Evangelicals understand that Romanism is the same as in the 16th century-ever worse than in the days of Luther, Calvin, Farel and Zwingli. On the essential matter of the gospel, Rome has not changed nor does she claim to have changed. Vatican II (1962-1965) clearly affirmed every Roman Catholic doctrine contested by the Reformers. Evangelicalism must understand once and for all that the root error back in 1517 was Rome's official doctrine that we could and must earn righteousness with God by our own good works. A man's righteousness with God consists partly of the work of Jesus Christ and partly of his own work. Justification was by faith plus works.

It is no different in our time. When a religious system is in error concerning fundamental truths such as the atonement and justification by faith, etc., thereby propagating a Philistine gospel, we can neither cooperate with such a church nor support it. Our supreme guideline is not sentimentality nor mere opinion, but the Bible.

Entire denominations are now closer to Rome than Jerusalem. They are moving Rome-ward. There is a trend whereby certain Protestant ministers falsely so called are converting to the Roman religion. Thrilled with Vatican II changes, they fail to see that Roman Catholicism changes in order not to change; that there has been a change of image but not substance. Since the time of Luther the papacy has been reformed so that recent popes have led exemplary lives. There are no Tetzels hawking indulgences. Simony and nepotism are not a serious problem and red hats are not handed to teenagers or to those of royal blood. While there is still persecution of Evangelicals in some parts of the world, the Inquisition is no longer in practice. Nevertheless, Rome is still the harlot. She is still the false church proclaiming another gospel.

Now, more than any other time since the 16th century Reformation, God is looking for Christians to stand in the gap; to be watchmen, courageous enough to pay, as Huss did, the flaming price of martyrdom-that awful fate of untold millions who suffered similar agonizing deaths at the hands of the papal Inquisition. Remember: there is a battle to be fought (Ephesians 6:16-20). There is an enemy to be overcome (1 Peter 5:8, 9). There is a watch to maintain (Jude 3, 4, 17-23).

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