Sunday, March 2, 2008

Now we can truly say goodbye, little Pumpkin...

Little Pumpkin's father, Nai Yin Xue, is to be deported back to New Zealand because he has basically overstayed a 90 day visitors visa. This will take up to 14 days.

He is now in the hands of the US Immigration and Customs Departments and will not be able to challenge their rulings. This will prevent Xue from legally challenging an extradition order which could have taken months,or possibly years with the right legal team.

Mr Xue should be back in New Zealand soon facing prosecution for the murder of his wife, Anan Liu, the mother of "Little Pumpkin", Quian Xun Xue.

Xue allegedly killed his wife, stuffed her body in the boot of a car outside the family home in Auckland, NZ, and kidnapped his daughter, taking her to Melbourne, Australia, and abandoned her at a train station. He then took a flight to California, USA.

Quian Xun Xue is now safely living in China with her maternal grandmother, after a NZ Family Court granted the grandmother custody of her granddaughter some months ago.

The deportation of Xue back to NZ, and his prosecution will result in closure for little Quian who became known as "Little Pumpkin" through television and Melbourne CCCTV rail station footage - she was wearing a distinguishable style of 'Pumpkin Patch' children's clothing.

Now we can now truly say goodbye little Pumpkin. Closure at last,little one!

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