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Captured New Zealand wife-killer suspect has arrived back in the country...

New Zealand wife-killer suspect back in the country...

First published on Qassia:

Captured New Zealand wife-killer suspect has arrived back in the country accompanied by four American escorts from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. The Chinese man who was formerly on 'America's Most Wanted' television program was arrested in Georgia after being detained by six members of the local Chinese community.
Nai Yin Xue from Auckland in New Zealand had fled to Melbourne,Australia, after allegedly killing his wife An An Liu, whose body was later found in the boot of a car outside the family home in the suburb of Mount Roskill.

Xue took his young daughter,Quian Xun Xue, to a Melbourne train station, where he abandoned her and fled by air to California. CCTV footage showed him leaving his daughter at the station. His daughter became known worldwide as little "Pumpkin". She was later taken to Auckland and was released in the custody of her maternal grandmother by a NZ Family Court. She was taken to China by her grandmother.

Two New Zealand policemen flew to the US last week to gather evidence against Xue,but were not involved in his return to New Zealand. Xue's deportation was handled by the American Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

He has appeared in a NZ district court and been charged with murder. NZ police had worked hard during the five months Xue was on the loose preparing for his inevitable arrest and murder charge.

NZ police are keen for the group of Chinese in Georgia who captured Xue, to receive the $10,000 reward offered for his capture.

There is also a rumour that his late wife was pregnant when he allegedly murdered her. Any official discussion of this could prejudice the case against Xue.

Contributor's Note
He has been charged with the murder of his wife. This story is not yet finished.

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