Monday, March 24, 2008

So you want to give up smoking...

So you want to give up smoking?

Are you sure? Because it is all in the mind. Patches, gum or whatever just help you to wean yourself off nicotine.

You have to prepare yourself psychologically to give up. You have to convince yourself, not your partners or friends, but you, I and me that you want to give up for good!

Back in 1991 after smoking for over 30 years, starting as a stupid little moronic 14 year old, I made the decision to give up smoking, and did so; never having even a puff of a cigarette since. Let me tell you one of my great pleasures in life was my Christmas Day cigar!

Early in 1991 I went down to our local pharmacist and asked about the new anti-smoking tool - nicotine patches. He told me that they had been so,so popular and had run out. There would be a delay of three months before the supplier from Switzerland would have more. It was Nicotinelle or something similar.

Well I had three months to think about it.

Three months later I returned to my pharmacist and purchased my first month's supply of patches.

There was a twelve week course, done monthly with a weaker dose each month.

After ten weeks I did not need any more patches, and didn't use the last two weeks dose.

I have never, I repeat, I have never had a puff of a cigarette, and didn't weaken on Christmas Day and have a cigar.

My biggest test was when I went down to the local rugby club for a few drinks - I just ate a few more peanuts with my beer.

As John Wayne used to say: well there pilgrim, what do you have to say about that?

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